Media Relations

Our goal is to support professional media relationships with information that is accurate, complete and timely and that correctly reflects the company’s position. In the interest of providing consistent information in an orderly manner, we have established the following guidelines:
Contact – The Marketing and Communications Department is the primary media contact. It can answer inquiries, release information and arrange for interviews. Please e-mail
Access – We ask that media contact Marketing and Communications prior to visiting any of our facilities or offices so that you will have access to the areas, buildings and people necessary to complete your story.
Quotes – We welcome opportunities to provide quotes for articles written by the media and press releases issued by industry associations.
Authorization – Parties issuing press releases referencing Advantage Resourcing or any of its brands or operating companies must obtain prior written authorization.
Spokesperson – The Executive Vice President of Global Operations is the official company spokesperson. Only this individual may coordinate statements about Advantage policy, performance, governance and operational issues.
Press kits – Press kits are available via download (at right) or by contacting Marketing and Communications. Use of our logos, marks and information are subject to the policy guidelines contained within this site.