Celebrate Their Service!

Administrative Professionals Day is Wednesday, April 25th


The day honors the work of administrative assistants, receptionists, and other administrative support professionals.

Beyond the satisfaction of a job well done, we all need to know that we add value to our workplace. Receiving heartfelt acknowledgment for our work boosts our self-confidence and gives us emotional energy – which allows us to be more productive.

In fact, Willis Towers Watson found the highest driver of employee engagement to be whether or not workers believed their managers were truly concerned about employee well-being. Showing we care sparks like-mindedness, and employees in turn feel motivated to hone their business skills and achieve even more.

Candidly showing your genuine appreciation for employees will lift your spirits while it inspires them to reach new levels of success. Letting someone know their skills and loyalty are not taken for granted is huge. Recognition empowers us.

Recognition Ideas 

Here are some tips on expressing appreciation to your administrative professionals on Administrative Professionals Day:

  1. Customize a greeting card with your own thoughts. No need to panic if openly expressing your gratitude seems awkward or unnatural to you. Know that sincere sentiment outranks the quality of your prose. Use your own wording and you’ll come across as “the real you” – and that’s what matters. Think about what you would like to recognize your employee for, and ask yourself what they would like to be distinguished for. Take it from there. The power of authentic acknowledgment can’t be overestimated.
  2. Consider appreciation in terms of specific actions and general behaviors that improve the workplace. For instance, a particular performance: “I appreciate how you handled that situation.” An ongoing ability or talent used: “Thank you for your skilled use of courtesy with our clients.” An upcoming event: “I appreciate being able to depend on you for the meeting next week.”
  3. Want to include a gift, but can’t decide what would be appropriate? Think about the gifts that have made a lasting impression on you. You’ll likely find memorable gifts combine something from the heart (perhaps that earnest note or greeting card of thanks) with something tangible that will bring a measure of delight to the recipient. You can choose something that complements the hobbies or interests of your employee. You can choose something more traditional – candy or flowers to brighten their day. A gift card to a local coffee shop or movie theater offers a way to relax during time away from work, and you’ll be remembered as providing that experience.
  1. If you decide upon a more lavish gift, consider taking them out to lunch or providing them a gift certificate to their favorite restaurant. Another idea might be a gift basket of fruits or assorted goodies. Visa® gift cards allow a person to buy what they want, bringing a distinct appeal.
  1. No need to stress about the ideal gift. It’s the kindness behind your gift that matters. Your administrative professionals are intrinsically linked to the success of your company and will appreciate your recognition.

Honor the key people who keep the business engine humming. Administrative professionals seamlessly incorporate countless tasks into their everyday work. Show them you are aware of their importance to your team. 

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