Looking for a Job? Here are 9 Reasons to Partner with a Staffing Agency

If your search doesn’t include a staffing agency, you’re missing out! Here’s why partnering with an agency will benefit you:

1. Staffing agencies have a wealth of jobs. Busy companies depend on them to fill any number of positions in the way of temporary, temp-to-hire, and direct hire positions.

2. You can get professional help with your résumé and interviewing skills. Staffing agencies serve as support systems, helping you with all aspects of your job search skills and training. They can help you clarify what you want in a job, discover where you would be a good fit, and for which companies you might want to apply.

3. Staffing agencies live and breathe the process every day. They know how to advise you about skills currently in demand. They know when changes are coming, and know how you can best find and keep work in today’s economy.

4. You’ll receive down-to-earth advice. Staffing agencies provide practical suggestions and useable instruction. If it’s been six months or more since you’ve looked for work, you can’t simply assume that finding a job will be like it was the last time you looked. Staffing agencies can help you see and prepare for what you should expect this time around.

5. Staffing agencies can pass along feedback from employers. Staffing professionals have insights you won’t otherwise get elsewhere. They know what their client companies and their hiring managers prefer in a candidate. They’re familiar with personalities and personal likes and dislikes. These intangibles can make or break a candidate being selected or passed by.

6. You’ll be privy to confidential opportunities. Staffing agencies’ clients trust them and therefore often bring them confidential job opportunities before they go to the general market. In other words, partnering with a staffing agency will give you some access to the hidden job market.

7. Staffing agencies know local employers and can make connections for you. Consider this: at times, there needn’t even be a job opening in order for a staffing agency to get you a job. Staffing agencies know certain employers who are interested in specific types of candidates, whether or not they are actively looking for them. Positions they fill don’t exist before they call a hiring manager representing the candidate, but staffing agencies know companies will hire exceptional candidates when they come along – even if they don’t have a formal opening at the time.

8. Your temporary job can lead to full time work. Every day you are working at a temporary position, you have the chance to impress the company as well as assess your own feelings about how the position and the environment match your desires. You can “try before you buy” and be paid for your experience while at the same time being in the right place at the right time should a permanent position become available.

9. Staffing agencies have your interests at heart as well as the interests of the employers. Your name will come up in their searches when you are a potential fit for an opportunity that comes their way.

Ready to partner with a staffing agency? Advantage Resourcing is ready to work with you! Contact us to get the process started!

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