Accountability.  To many people, this is a negative or even a hostile word.  I believe it is just the opposite.  I think it defines genuine care and concern. 

In business, accountability is typically tied to a performance level.  When a team member is working hard to achieve a certain result, they will sometimes feel like accountability is the same as micromanaging or “big brother” watching their every move.  However, if your company has the right culture, then that same team member probably feels like their team and/or leader care enough about their success that they are helping them stick to their commitments.

A few years ago, someone asked me how I manage individual producers if I haven’t worked in their specific discipline before.  My answer was that I would seek out the top producers and find out what they did consistently to be successful, and then use that information to help the rest of the team.  That process prompted me to create a formula that would be easy to follow.  I soon realized that this formula could be used to achieve any desired performance, professional and personal. 

The Performance Formula

P = A2 + DS

Performance = Accountable Actions + Discipline and Disciplines 


Performance:  What is the desired result?

Accountable Actions:  What activity(s) must consistently be done to achieve the desired result?

Disciplines & Discipline:

  • Disciplines – A set of methods or practices that lead to the desired outcome.  What do you need to do to make sure these activities are done consistently?
  • Discipline – An action taken consistently by a teammate or leader that genuinely cares about your success to ensure follow through of the accountable actions.  What do I need to do to help you consistently perform these activities?


A lot of us are really good at setting goals.  However, it’s the follow through that counts!  An essential component of the Performance Formula is to share your goal with someone that genuinely cares about your desire to achieve that performance.  They become personally invested in you and your desired performance.  This personal investment typically results in you doing that little extra to achieve the goal.  You don’t want to let them down and you know they are going to ask you if you did the action necessary!

The following example of a desired personal performance illustrates how the professional performance is just as simple to execute.  

There is never a better time than now, to start on your performance planning.  Use a system of measure to keep track and also share progress.  Celebrate your successes and stay passionate about your commitment to success.  It will be worth it.  I hope this insight will help you in taking your first step. 



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