Every Hire Creates Opportunity

Through the years many of us have heard parents, teachers, and mentors comment: one person can make a difference. Yet we rarely stop to think about the truth behind this statement. 

Every hiring decision you make creates an opportunity to make a positive impact on your current workforce and your organization. This is true for every position within your company – from upper management to finance to HR to production. Every person is a valuable link in the chain, a chain that can be strengthened or weakened by individual actions.  

Just how can one person create opportunity within your organization? 

  • One person can recognize a need to streamline a process, leading to time savings and increased profitability. 
  • One person can bring a positive, upbeat attitude to work each day and change the office culture. (A positive attitude is contagious, after all.) The result: improved productivity, morale, and job satisfaction. 
  • One person can acquire a new client. This one sale can create increased revenue and, potentially, the need to hire more people.

It’s true: one person can create a lasting impression within your organization. Hiring, however, is not just about creating opportunity for your company. It’s so much more than that. By extending a job offer, you are influencing the trajectory of someone’s life and career:  

  • One job can provide financial needs for a family, leading to stability, increased wellbeing, and more educational opportunities.  
  • One job can boost one’s self worth and confidence, creating a path for future success. 
  • One job can provide the stepping stone for a career advancement opportunity, allowing an individual to reach a sought-after goal.  

Advantage Resourcing understands how each new hire creates opportunity – for you, your team, and the individual hired. This is why we have made it our mission to align businesses with qualified, motivated employees. Perfect talent placement creates an opportunity for a business to grow while individuals are rewarded with fulfilling work. The result? A ripple effect of personal and organizational growth.

How have the people you have hired impacted your organization? Better yet, how have YOU made a difference within your company?  

“I alone can’t change the world, but I can cast a stone across the waters to create many ripples.”  - Mother Theresa