How to Thank Your Temp Staff During Staffing Employee Week (9/18-24)

Staffing Employee Week – September 18-24, 2017 – is the perfect time to acknowledge the contributions contingent workers make to your organization. We all want to feel that we matter. This need is just as real for temporary employees as it is for traditional employees. Part-time, temporary, and contract employees often work alongside your employees. Yet, because they aren’t traditional employees, it can become easy for their permanent, full-time peers and management to overlook them. As a result, contingent workers can feel excluded from the corporate culture. Here are a few ways to show your appreciation. 
  • To thank your team of temporary staff who work from home or work off-hours, plan a special party for them. Hold the event at an hour when everyone can attend. The get-together doesn’t need to be fancy. It’s the thought and the camaraderie that counts. 
  • To thank individual staffing employees, consider gift certificates to local coffee shops, gift baskets of fruits or snacks, gift cards to specific stores (e.g. high-tech stores, book stores, restaurants, depending on the situation). Be sure to include a thank-you card. Add a note that lets them know they are a member of the corporate family. 

Keep the following little list handy; it contains some common sense tips on how to show employees – especially temporary and other contingent workers – that you value them. 

  • Be timely with feedback. Temporary employees will not be getting annual reviews.  They are soley committed to delivering the work assigned. They will appreciate the input and respond accordingly.
  • Share performance feedback with their temporary company. Temporary agencies pride themselves on placing employees with positive work references. Your feedback will help the worker secure additional assignments.
  • Be impartial and open-minded. Treat temporary employees fairly and equitably. They and traditional employees will recognize that the same rules apply to everyone regardless of status. 
  • Acknowledge the employee’s presence. A plain old “How are you today?” or “Have a good day” validates the employee’s existence and honors them as a fellow human being. 
  • Devote your full attention when speaking with an employee. Listen closely and notice body language if face-to-face. Practice active listening. 
  • Be sure the employee knows that you are as available to them as you are to regular employees. Be there for questions and clarification. 
  • Use the employee’s name. We all feel pleased when someone takes the effort to remember who we are, by name.
  • Acknowledge an employee’s efforts and successes. Doing so is critical to show them their value. Showing your appreciation will show them what you like, and you will naturally see more of that same behavior.
  • Know a few details about the employee. Comment on their hobbies, their work, their family, etc. Congratulate them on any upcoming graduation or anniversary date. Relating as humans keeps it real.

Beyond Staffing Employee Week

Treating employees courteously and professionally boosts productivity year-round. Welcome input from all workers. Be sure that your team continues to include contingent workers in staff meetings and team discussions. Also, be sure to give contingent workers access to resources they need as employees. Consider assigning them a mentor so they can feel more confident in their work assignments. 

Encouraging contingent workers to take the initiative provides them a sense of ownership. Today’s temporary worker may reveal himself to be an invaluable resource and worth hiring direct or full-time later. The technical worker who returns time and time again for projects will be more knowledgeable and prepared as she continues the work assigned to her.

An inclusive, collaborative environment sparks creativity. Contingent workers can offer your team fresh insights and bring innovative ideas. Consider contingent workers as your extended team, and they will behave as such. Treat people the way you want them to act. 

No matter how highly technical or professional the job role of a temporary worker, they too are vulnerable people who want to be appreciated. A simple word of thanks is empowering. A systematic plan of continually recognize workers in small but significant ways is smart business. 

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