How to Hire People Who Align with Your Company's Culture

At Advantage Resourcing, we don’t adhere to the idea that “opportunity comes knocking.” Opportunity is created. The most impactful way you can create opportunity within your organization is by hiring the right people. The best employees are not only technically skilled, but also a good cultural fit for your company.

How do you ensure that new hires align with your organization’s culture and values? Start by following these five steps:

1. Assemble a review team.

You’ve worked hard to establish your work culture and you want to protect it. Get your team involved in this process. Gather your brand-champions to establish standards that new hires must meet. Lean on your core values and company mission when setting these standards, which may include integrity, teamwork, or customer service.  

2. Understand your target market.

Recruiting is a form of marketing. To be a successful marketer or recruiter, you need to be able to put yourself in your target market’s shoes. Begin by identifying your ideal candidate, including: core competencies, education and experience requirements, personality, etc. Then determine what motivates this type of worker. A flexible schedule? A casual work environment? Benefits? Outline what you have to offer and align your pitch with these needs.  

3. Look beyond the resume.

Once you begin to receive applications, keep an open mind. In a competitive market, it’s wise to be flexible. Depending on the job, consider hiring someone with less experience but great potential. You will need to invest additional time and training, but you may find a loyal, hard-working employee. 

4. Ask the right questions.

Screening for cultural fit is an essential part of the hiring process. When employee and company values are in sync, you’ll achieve a greater sense of harmony. To help make the right hire, there are some important questions to ask candidates – and yourself.

In addition to interviewing for competencies, get to know your candidates on a more personal level. This will help you better gauge how they will fit in with your existing staff. Consider asking questions like:

  • What do you do in your spare time?
  • What is your favorite movie?
  • What is the last book you read?

After the interview, ask your hiring team to answer some key questions to help identify if the candidate would be a good cultural fit:

  • What experiences have prepared the applicant for this job?
  • Are the applicant’s values and beliefs in harmony with the values of our organization?
  • Will the person naturally perform in ways that are consistent with how we do things here?

5. Onboard to retain.

After your candidate accepts the offer, it’s time to begin the onboarding process and immerse your new hire into your company culture. In addition to creating a strong start, an onboarding plan kick starts productivity, sets expectations early, and helps boost retention. There are no second chances at making a great first impression.  

Finally, remember that cultural cohesiveness does not end with hiring. You need to continually invest and nurture your company culture to see long-term success.

Need help finding the right people? We can help! Advantage Resourcing has the drive, experience, and resources to provide your company with the right people at the opportune time. More importantly, we understand the power of listening. We will work closely with you to fully understand your needs and ensure that your people align with your company’s mission and goals. Find an Advantage Resourcing office near you.