5 Tips for Filling a Position – Fast

Skilled, talented, dedicated employees – we all want the best hires when we need to fill a position. It’s imperative to try to get them on our team fast, because superior candidates don’t last long on the job market.
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Creative Ways to Find a Job

Looking for a job is a job in and of itself. Here are a few ways to be resourceful in your search.
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Ban the Box: What Does It Mean for Employers?

A growing number of states and cities have adopted new laws that prohibit employers from asking applicants to check a box on a job application indicating whether or not he/she has a criminal record. Learn about the steps employers should take to protect themselves.
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Employee Motivation – Whose Job Is It?

How can we maintain motivation during our day-to-day work life? Certainly, we can temporarily become energized by others’ enthusiasm, but it’s ultimately up to each of us to manage our own levels of work motivation. Here are some practical tips.
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5 Common Workplace Safety Hazards

June is National Safety Month, which makes it the perfect time to address common safety hazards in the workplace. The National Safety Council selected four of the following five safety themes to review during the month of June 2017. With summer underway, we’ve also added heat safety to the list.
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What is Hire Thinking?

Hire Thinking ®   Considerable time and energy go into every hire made by your company. Whether you’re adding one person to your team or managing a large contingent workforce, making the right hire has the ability to accelerate employee attitudes, production, and performance. Advantage Resourcing understands the importance of the right hire and the opportunities it can create. This...
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How to Hire People Who Align with Your Company's Culture

At Advantage Resourcing, we don’t adhere to the idea that “opportunity comes knocking.” Opportunity is created. The most impactful way you can create opportunity within your organization is by hiring the right people. The best employees are not only technically skilled, but also a good cultural fit for your company. How do you ensure that new hires align with your organization’s culture and...
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Every Hire Creates Opportunity

Through the years many of us have heard parents, teachers, and mentors comment: one person can make a difference. Yet we rarely stop to think about the truth behind this statement.
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Accountability.  To many people, this is a negative or even a hostile word.  I believe it is just the opposite.  I think it defines genuine care and concern.  In business, accountability is typically tied to a performance level.  When a team member is working hard to achieve a certain result, they will sometimes feel like accountability is the same as micromanaging...
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