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Engineering Services



Every day Advantage Resourcing seamlessly places world-class engineers into engineering and manufacturing environments across North America. Our collaborative approach and proven recruiting processes have made us one of the industry’s leading engineering staffing and service providers. Our team of specialized recruiting professionals and account executives work will with you to identify your needs to ensure the appropriate Talent is being sourced and properly vetted to meet the needs of your business.
Our expertise is in the following areas:

Medical Device

The climate of the medical device industry is highly competitive and dynamic.  Medical device companies are under tremendous pressure to innovate in a increasingly regulated environment.  Healthcare reform, industry consolidation, outsourcing and regulation changes can all have an impact on your business.  All of these factors equate to the need to acquire the best talent available.  This is where we can help. 


Advantage Resourcing has been working with medical device organizations and professionals for more than 25 years.  We partner with companies across the entire spectrum of the industry; surgical instruments, diagnostic equipment, ophthalmic equipment, ventilators, heart valves, defibrillators, in all areas of design and development.  We can provide your organization with talent in a multitude of areas including; Research & Development, Engineering, Design, Quality Assurance, Supply Chain and Manufacturing. 


We’ve worked with start-up companies through global organizations to assist them in finding the talent they need to succeed in this highly competitive sector.  Let us help you find the talent that you need.


This technology-driven industry demands highly skilled engineers, scientists and production workers. Finding the right people at the right time, particularly when other businesses are competing for the same skills, is a challenge to any manager. When you are planning a long-term major development project, such as a new aircraft series, we will provide the skilled professionals needed for your project’s success.

We're an approved International Traffic in Arms Regulations (ITAR) registered company with the U.S. Department of State. Therefore, we can strategically partner with companies conducting business relating to U.S. Defense Articles.

Energy and Natural Resources

The energy industry is facing a number of challenges, including deregulation, compliance demands, competition, unstable world economies and fluctuating markets. As a result, you must be prepared to incorporate new strategies and exploit new opportunities while simultaneously managing costs and streamlining processes. Our technical Talent make it easier to manage these challenges without committing to a traditional workforce, so you can scale your staffing up or down depending on the project.

Our Talent is experienced in fields such as oil and gas exploration, petroleum refining and the operations of electrical, gas and water/sewer utilities. This expertise lets us supply contract and direct-hire professionals who are fully qualified to work in the most challenging energy environments worldwide. And we are ISO-9001:2008 certified.

Within the mining industry, we support projects including planning and development, procurement, engineering and infrastructure planning.

We support the entire lifecycle of hydrocarbon transit from subsurface to refining, including exploration, production, geophysical and reservoir engineering, rig positioning technologies, flow metering, controls, pipeline infrastructure and integrity.

In the power sector, we have experience in electricity generation and transmission, including nuclear and thermal power station new build, operations, distributions, decommissioning and renewable power.

Industrial Manufacturing

Industrial manufacturers are seeking ways to do more with less: more power with less footprint, more control with less traditional labor, and more output with less cost. Our technical contractors make it easier to manage these challenges without committing to a traditional workforce, so you can scale your staffing up or down depending on the project. Plus, we're fully qualified to work in some of the world's most challenging manufacturing environments.

Whether you need to streamline a production process, perform quality assurance or minimize waste in your supply chain, our professionals have the skills and experience to do the job. And we are ISO-9001:2008 certified.


The transportation industry is integrating technology into every facet of its operations, from e-production to supply chain management. Our Talent make it easier to manage these challenges without committing to a traditional workforce, giving you the flexibility to control costs without sacrificing quality or productivity. Our customers - which include air, truck and rail operators, post and parcel express services, logistics and shipping companies, travel and tour providers, airports, ports and urban transport authorities - rely on us to help improve material choices, fuel efficiency, emissions, safety, product quality and more.


In the highly cyclical semiconductor industry, production levels rise and fall sharply in response to changing marketplace demands.  For many companies, fluctuating market demand results in unpredictable labor requirements throughout the year.  Many semiconductor companies hire and eliminate large numbers of full-time employees on an ongoing basis.  In some cases, new hiring efforts follow layoffs by only a few months due to extreme variations in market demand. 


Advantage Resourcing has worked extensively in the semiconductor industry and can enable you to increase your strategic use of contract labor and mitigate talent spending through greater workforce flexibility.  Whether your goal is to increase efficiency, improve workplace response to market shifts or control labor costs, we can assist.  We have decades of experience streamlining contingent staffing in this industry through proactive workforce planning, timely requisition fulfillment and efficient supply chain management.  We have proven experience filling highly specialized and hard-to-find contract positions in a variety of disciplines including engineering, design, information technology, technical publications, manufacturing and supply chain.


Winning in the cyclical marketplace through proactive workforce solutions and cohesive partnerships is our goal.  

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