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"In Thier Own Words"

Talent Testimonials

Each year Advantage Resourcing works with an external company to gauge the experience and feelings of the people we have placed on assignment throughout the year concerning the services we provide.  While there are always areas we can and do work to improve upon, a great many people have positive comments.  Here is just a small sample of the positive feedback we have received from the most recent survey.

Never a complaint.

Been with Advantage for 7 years and never had anything but excellent treatment and communication. Absolutely love working for this company.


Advantage Resourcing has been awesome with me.

They helped me to get my permanent residence, they gave me great benefits and on top of that, I consider them my friends. I can trust them in any issues I can have. Most of my close friends work with them too after they heard how good they have been with me.


I now have a great job thanks to Advantage.

Anonymous Talent

I had a great experience with Advantage Resourcing.

Step by step, I was guided and given detailed information. Advantage Resourcing helped me build a foundation where I can exercise professionalism and build confidence in myself.


A very professional and respectful team.

Anonymous Talent

I have never applied through a temporary agency before.

My experience with Advantage Resourcing has been very pleasant. The staff was very welcoming and helpful during the application process as well as any questions I have had throughout this placement. I will highly recommend this agency in the future. As well as use them in the future if the situation arises.

Anonymous Talent

I have worked for many different Staffing Agencies...

...and Advantage is at the Top of my list. Great Customer Service. I always refer people to them for jobs. Thank you for hiring me.


Landed a dream job!!!

I have such a great experience with the company! Couldn't have asked for better.

Anonymous Talent

At Advantage Resourcing your more then just an employee number.

I enjoyed working for Advantage Resourcing.  The people are very professional as well as truly caring towards all employees. At Advantage Resourcing every employee matters. The job offers are matched to each person's skill set.


I had reservations about going through a staffing agency.

I've heard horror stories from others, but after moving from Atlanta it seemed like a quick alternative. The staff at Advantage was friendly and polite, found a perfect fit for me, described in detail the career expectations of the client and themselves. Shortly after beginning employment, my fiancee was diagnosed with stage IVB inoperable cancer, unfortunately. The staff at the client and Advantage have been incredible at allowing me the time needs I have incurred to care for her. My work site has become a family to me including opening opportunities at other nearby locations open on weekends where I can make up a portion of my missed hours. The staff at Advantage is also aware and has been supportive likewise. I had my resume at 3 separate staffing firms, and I cannot express enough how glad I am that I worked with AR. The pay, the hours, the allowances for my newly developed needs, and the genuine concern are priceless.


Advantage has amazing employees working for them.

Always friendly, talkative, asks how I am doing every morning and throughout the day. I would definitely recommend Advantage to EVERYBODY.


Great Customer service, they treat you like a person, not a number.


Advantage has helped me get a job in a timely manner...

...and placed me where I'm most experienced at. The staff is very nice and do everything they can to help find me a job.


I now have a career not just a job!

I have had an awesome and warming experience with Advantage and have already recommended it to other people. They helped me out in a time in need and at a fast-paced.


I started my position with Advantage in June 2009...

...and have always been treated with respect and genuine kindness. Advantage is an awesome employer and working with Advantage has been one of the best and most rewarding experiences of my 28-year career in the automotive industry. I would, and have, recommend Advantage Technical Resourcing to anyone wanting to find a "home" and rewarding career in the automotive industry.